Hellickson Family Pedigree Charts




My mom and dad shared these with Madison Hellickson and I… You can see both Hellickson Family and Aadnes Family names on these pedigree/family tree charts.

Let me know if you need bigger pictures of these (if they’re hard to read).

Even though none of these say “Michael James Hellickson”, I belong under parents Vernon Martin Hellickson and Barbara Lucille Harter.

PLEASE, upload your family tree here… Let’s all help each other.  :)

– Michael James Hellickson

Do you know Jeremy Hellickson the MLB Pitcher?

Among the famous Hellickson’s is Jeremy Hellickson, a Major League Baseball Pitcher!

We are all very proud of Jeremy, and encourage you to post articles and discussions about Jeremy Hellickson here.

Jeremy, if/when you read this, the entire Hellickson family would love to hear from you too!

My dad, Vern Hellickson and I (Michael Hellickson) are huge fans! We love it when you win, it ills us when you lose, and even though we don’t have license rights to publish MLB info, we are excited to share as much as we can about you here.

We hope the suspension of your career will be many years down the road, as you hold great appeal for the Michael and Tara Hellickson part of the family as well as many others!

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